RUM & Session Replay

RUM & Session Replay

What is Real User Monitoring?

Datadog’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) gives you end-to-end visibility into the real-time activity and experience of individual users. RUM is designed to solve four types of use cases for web and mobile applications:

  • Performance: Track the performance of web pages, mobile application screens, user actions, network requests, and your front-end code.
  • Error Management: Monitor the ongoing bugs and issues and track them over time and versions.
  • Analytics / Usage: Understand who is using your application (country, device, OS), monitor individual users journeys, and analyze how users interact with your application (most common page visited, clicks, interactions, and feature usage).
  • Support: Retrieve all of the information related to one user session to troubleshoot an issue (session duration, pages visited, interactions, resources loaded, and errors).

What is Session Replay?

Datadog’s Session Replay allows you to capture and visually replay the web browsing experience of your users.

Combined with RUM performance data, Session Replay is beneficial for error identification, reproduction, and resolution, and provides insights into your web application’s usage patterns and design pitfalls.

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Out-of-the-box dashboards

Analyze information about your user journeys, performance, network requests, and errors collected automatically with out-of-the-box dashboards.

RUM explorer and analytics

View user sessions in segments, such as checking when latency impacts your premium customers with customizable analytics widgets. Explore, save views, and create monitors on your customized searches.

RUM Analytics

Integration with logs, APM, and profiler

View your backend traces, logs, and infrastructure metrics down to the exact line of code impacting your application performance, corresponding to user experiences and reported issues.

Error tracking and crash reporting

Get automated alerts on outliers and groups of errors, timeouts, and crashes to significantly reduce your MTTR with Error Tracking.

RUM error tracking

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