Real User Monitoring
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Real User Monitoring

What is Real User Monitoring?

Datadog’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) gives you end-to-end visibility into the real-time activity and experience of individual users. It is designed to solve 4 types of use cases for web and mobile applications:

  • Performance: track the performance of web pages, application screens, but also of user actions, network requests, and the performance of your front-end code
  • Error Management: monitor the ongoing bugs and issues and track them over time
  • Analytics / Usage: understand who is using your application (country, device, OS…), monitor individual users journeys, and analyze how users interact with your application (most common page visited, clicks, interactions, feature usage…)
  • Support: retrieve all of the information related to one user session to troubleshoot an issue (session duration, pages visited, interactions, resources loaded, errors…)

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