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Each row is a profile of a process for a short amount of time. By default, profiles are uploaded once a minute. Depending on the language, these processes are profiled between 15s and 60s.

You can filter according to infrastructure tags or application tags set up from your environment tracing configuration. By default the following facets are available:

EnvThe environment your application is running on (production, staging).
ServiceThe name of the service your code is running.
VersionThe version of your code.
HostThe hostname your profiled process is running on.
RuntimeThe type of runtime the profiled process is running (JVM, CPython).

The following measures are available:

CPUCPU usage, measured in cores.
Memory AllocationMemory allocation rate over the course of the profile. This value can be above the amount of memory on your system because allocated memory can be garbage collected during the profile.
Wall timeThe elapsed time used by the code. Elapsed time includes time when code is running on CPU, waiting for I/O, and anything else that happens while it is running.

For each runtime, there is also a broader set of metrics available, which you can see listed by timeseries.


Click on a line to view a specific profile:

The header contains information associated with your profile, like the service that generated it, or the environment and code version associated to it.

Four tabs are below the profile header:

ProfilesA flame graph and summary table of the profile you are looking at. You can switch between profile types (for example, CPU, Memory allocation).
AnalysisA set of heuristics that suggest potential issues or areas of improvement in your code. Only available for Java.
MetricsProfiler metrics coming from all profiles of the same service.
Runtime InfoRuntime properties in supported languages, and profile tags.

Note: In the upper right corner of each profile, there are options to:

  • Download the profile
  • Switch the profile to full screen

Profile types

In the Profiles tab, you can see all profile types available for a given language. Depending on the language, the information collected about your profile differs. See Profile types for a list of profile types available for each language.

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