Profiling has several datasets to help solve memory leaks, such as the Live Heap profile type, which is available for multiple languages.

To help you get started, Datadog provides an end-to-end, guided walkthrough for Go services:

What to expect

Following this walkthrough requires zero prior knowledge, and it is accessible for first-time investigations.

The walkthrough guides you through several steps to:

  1. Scope to the relevant data.
  2. Recommend Datadog integrations and upgrades that assist in the investigation.
  3. Explain how memory management works in your runtime.
  4. Propose potential root causes through Profile Comparisons.


The walkthrough is in public beta and prone to change. More languages and infrastructure will be supported over time

To use this walkthrough, you need:

Get started

To investigate a memory leak using the guided walkthrough:

  1. Go to APM > Service Page on the service you want to investigate.
  2. Click the Memory Leaks tab:
    Memory Leak walkthrough entrypoint in the Service Page
  3. Follow the guided steps to complete your investigation.

Further reading

Additional helpful documentation, links, and articles: