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Journeys help you track user journeys from end-to-end to discover the different ways users navigate through your application. You can extract the data to design your app in a way that users actually use it - not how you think they use it.

Funnel analysis

Understand end-to-end conversions with Funnel Analysis.

With funnel analysis, you can understand the end-to-end conversion of a single key workflow. You can get a detailed drilldown in the sidepanel to understand why conversation rates are what they are. For example, was there a performance issue that caused user dropoff? Are they experiencing an error that occurred in a recent release? Watch a Session Replay of a user who converted or dropped off to see exactly what happened.


Use sankeys to visualize all user journeys across your application to analyze the critical path

Sankey diagrams allow you to visualize all user journeys across your application to identify the most important contributions to a flow.


View conversion rate values over time in graphs

You can view conversion rates over time by showing the conversion rate value in graphs.

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