A query is composed of terms and operators.

There are two types of terms:

  • A single term is a single word such as test or hello.

  • A sequence is a group of words surrounded by double quotes, such as "hello dolly".

To combine multiple terms into a complex query, you can use any of the following Boolean operators:

ANDIntersection: Both terms are in the selected views (if nothing is added, AND is taken by default).
ORUnion: Either term is contained in the selected views.
-Exclusion: The following term is not in the view.


Use the search bar’s autocomplete functionality to complete your queries with existing values.

Search bar autocomplete

Escape special characters

Searching on a facet value that contains special characters requires escaping or double quotes. The following characters are considered special: ?, >, <, :, =,", ~, /, and \ requires escaping with the \ character.

The same logic is applied to spaces within views facet names. Views facets should not contain spaces, but if they do, spaces must be escaped.

For example, if a facet is named user.first name, perform a facet search by escaping the space: @user.first\ name:myvalue.


To perform a multi-character wildcard search, use the * symbol. For example, @http.url:https:\/\/* matches every view that has a URL starting with https://.

Numerical values

Use <,>, <=, or >= to perform a search on numerical attributes. For example, retrieve all sessions with more than five errors: @session.error.count:>5.

You can search for a numerical attribute within a specific range. For example, retrieve all sessions with an error count between three and ten: @session.error.count:[3 TO 10].

Search examples

Searches all views containing /department/sofas in the attribute @view.path.
Searches all views containing a value in view.path attribute that start with /department/sofas/.
@view.loading_time:[1s TO 3s] @view.url_path:\/department\/sofas\/*
Searches all views with a loading_time between one and three seconds with a value in the @view.url_path attribute that starts with /department/sofas/.

Saved searches

Saved Views contain your search query, columns, sort order, time range, and facets.

Further Reading

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