Send Logs from OpenTelemetry to Datadog

OpenTelemetry logging and Datadog Exporter's feature for sending logs to Datadog are in alpha.


OpenTelemetry is an open source observability framework that provides IT teams with standardized protocols and tools for collecting and routing telemetry data. Created as an incubator project by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), OpenTelemetry provides a consistent format for instrumenting, generating, gathering, and exporting application telemetry data—namely metrics, logs, and traces—to monitoring platforms for analysis and insight.

The OpenTelemetry Collector is a vendor-agnostic agent process for collecting and exporting telemetry data emitted by many processes. Datadog has an Exporter available for the OpenTelemetry Collector which allows you to forward traces, metrics, and logs data from OpenTelemetry to Datadog.

For collecting logs, Datadog recommends using the Collector’s filelog receiver. The filelog receiver tails the log files that you specify. Then the Datadog Exporter (set up in the Collector) sends the log data to Datadog.

A diagram showing the host, container, or application sending data the filelog receiver in the collector and the Datadog Exporter in the collector sending the data to the Datadog backend


If your applications and services are instrumented with OpenTelemetry libraries, send the logs data to the Datadog backend by using the OpenTelemetry Collector with the Datadog Exporter.

Send logs to the OpenTelemetry collector, and use the Datadog exporter to forward them to Datadog

Read OpenTelemetry for more information.

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