All configuration file paths specified in the pipeline need to be under DD_OP_DATA_DIR/config. Modifying files under that location while OPW is running might have adverse effects.

Bootstrap the Observability Pipelines Worker within your infrastructure before you set up a pipeline. These environment variables are separate from the pipeline environment variables.

Bootstrap Options

To set bootstrap options, do one of the following:

  • Use environmental variables.
  • Create a bootstrap.yaml and start the Worker instance with --bootstrap-config /path/to/bootstrap.yaml.
env var: DD_API_KEY
Create a Datadog API key for this environment variable.
Create an Observability Pipelines pipeline ID for this environment variable.
env var: DD_SITE
Your Datadog site (optional, default: datadoghq.com).
See Getting Started with Sites for more information.
env var: DD_OP_DATA_DIR
The data directory (optional, default: /var/lib/observability-pipelines-worker). This is the file system directory that the Observability Pipelines Worker uses for local state.
tags: []
env var: DD_OP_TAGS
The tags reported with internal metrics and can be used to filter Observability Pipelines instances for Remote Configuration deployments.
env var: DD_OP_THREADS
The number of threads to use for processing (optional, default: the number of available cores).

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