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Network Page

This feature is currently in beta. Request access by completing the Datadog Network Performance Monitoring Beta Request form.


To refine your search to traffic between particular endpoints, aggregate and filter your network flows with tags. You can select tags for the source and destination by using the search bar at the top of the page.

The following screenshot shows the default view, which aggregates the source and destination by the service tag. Accordingly, each row in the table represents service-service flows when aggregated over a five-minute time period.

The next example shows all flows from IP addresses representing a service (service:web-store) to an availability zone (availability-zone:us-east1-b):

Facet Panels

The facet panels mirror the tags in your search bar query. Switch between the facet panels with the Source and Destination tabs on top:

Network Data

Your network metrics are displayed through the graphs and the associated table. All sent and received metrics are displayed from the perspective of the source :

  • Sent metrics: measure the value of something from the source to the destination from the source’s perspective.
  • Received metrics: measure the value of something from the destination to the source from the source’s perspective.

Values displayed might be different for sent_metric(source to destination) and received_metric(destination to source) if there is a large number of packet drops. In this case, if the destination sends a lot of bytes to the source, the flows that originate at destination include those bytes, but the flows that originate at source do not see them as received.

Note: The default collection interval is five minutes and retention is seven days.


The following graphs are available:

Graph Description
ThroughputThe number of bytes sent or received over a period. Measured in bytes (or orders of magnitude thereof) bidirectional.
 BandwidthThe rate of bytes sent or received over a period. Measured in bytes per second, bidirectional.
RetransmitsTCP is a connection-oriented protocol that guarantees in-order delivery of packets. Retransmits represent detected failures that are retransmitted to ensure delivery. Measured in count of retransmits from the source.

On each graph, select the settings cog in the upper right corner to change the Y-axis scale or the graph type displayed:


The network table breaks down the Throughput, Bandwidth, and Retransmits metrics between each source and destination defined by your query.

Note: Use the Show Unresolved Flows toggle in the upper right corner of the data table to filter out flows with unresolved (N/A) sources or destinations, which indicate external traffic outside of your private network.

Select any row from the data table to see associated logs and traces for a given source <=> destination flow:

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