Network Performance Monitoring


Datadog Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) gives you visibility into your network traffic between services, containers, availability zones, and any other tag in Datadog. Connection data at the IP, port, and PID levels is aggregated into application-layer dependencies between meaningful client and server endpoints, which can be analyzed and visualized through a customizable network page and network map. Use flow data along with key network traffic and DNS server metrics to:

  • Pinpoint unexpected or latent service dependencies
  • Optimize costly cross-regional or multi-cloud communication
  • Identify outages of cloud provider regions and third-party tools
  • Troubleshoot client-side and server-side DNS server issues

NPM makes it simple to monitor complex networks with built in support for Linux and Windows OS as well as containerized environments that are orchestrated and instrumented with Istio service mesh.

Additionally, Network path, a feature of NPM, is available in private beta, which allows you to see hop-by-hop traffic in your network.

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