Network Device Monitoring is not supported for this site.

The Network Device Topology Map for Datadog Network Device Monitoring is in public beta.


The Network Device Topology Map provides an overview of your network’s physical connections, so you can more easily identify issues in your devices and understand their upstream and downstream impacts.


The Datadog Agent version 7.46 and later automatically collects topology data. No additional installation is necessary.


  1. Devices have LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) and/or CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) enabled with SNMP.
  2. Datadog Agent version 7.46 or later is installed.
  3. If you’re using device autodiscovery, enable snmp_listener.collect_topology: true in the datadog.yaml file.

Investigating devices

In addition to providing an overview of your network’s physical connections, you can investigate individual devices to understand their connections, flows, and overall status. Hovering over a device displays its overall status and key metrics. You can also click on a device to see the following options:

The network device topology map with a device selected, displaying information about the device as well as the options to Inspect, View device details, and view flow details


Choose Inspect to see the device’s interface connections. Click on any of the connected interfaces for further investigation.

The Inspect view of an individual device, displaying the device's interface connections

View device details

Choose View device details to see information such as the device’s IP address and tags, as well as data related to throughput, CPU, and memory.

The View device details tab of an individual device

From this view, you can also view the device’s interfaces in the Interfaces tab.

The View device details tab of an individual device with the Interfaces tab selected

View flow details

Choose View flow details to open the NetFlow tab filtered by the device’s @device.ip for a detailed exploration of the device’s sources, destinations, and volume. See the NetFlow Monitoring page for more information.


If you don’t see links or connections to your devices, verify that they are exposing LLDP and CDP data with the following commands:

sudo -u dd-agent datadog-agent snmp walk <DEVICE_IP> 1.0.8802
sudo -u dd-agent datadog-agent snmp walk <DEVICE_IP>

Further Reading