Real User Monitoring Monitor

Real User Monitoring Monitor


Once Real User Monitoring is enabled for your organization, you can create a RUM monitor to alert you when a specified type of RUM event exceeds a user-defined threshold over a given period of time.

Monitor creation

To create a RUM monitor in Datadog, use the main navigation: Monitors –> New Monitor –> Real User Monitoring.

Define the search query

As you define the search query, the graph above the search fields updates.

  1. Construct a search query using the same logic as a RUM explorer search.
  2. Choose to monitor over a RUM event count, facet, or measure:
    • Monitor over a RUM event count: Use the search bar (optional) and do not select a facet or measure. Datadog evaluates the number of RUM events over a selected time frame, then compares it to the threshold conditions.
    • Monitor over a facet: If a facet is selected, the monitor alerts over the Unique value count of the facet.
    • Monitor over measure: If a measure is selected, the monitor alerts over the numerical value of the RUM facet (similar to a metric monitor) and aggregation needs to be selected (min, avg, sum, median, pc75, pc90, pc95, pc98, pc99, or max).
  3. Define the alert grouping (optional). Note: With or without alert grouping defined, you get one alert when the aggregated value meets the set conditions. Even if you split the query by country, a single notification is sent if several countries meet the set conditions. This is done to reduce notification noise.

Set alert conditions

  • Trigger when the metric is above, above or equal to, below, or below or equal to
  • the threshold during the last 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc. or custom to set a value between 5 minutes and 48 hours.
  • Alert threshold <NUMBER>
  • Warning threshold <NUMBER>

No data and below alerts

To receive a notification when an application has stopped sending RUM events, set the condition to below 1. This notifies when no RUM events match the monitor query in a given timeframe across all aggregate groups.

When splitting the monitor by any dimension (tag or facet) and using a below condition, the alert is triggered if and only if there are RUM events for a given group, and the count is below the threshold—or if there are no RUM events for all of the groups.


  • This monitor triggers if and only if there are no RUM events for all applications:
  • This monitor triggers if there are no logs for the application


For detailed instructions on the Say what’s happening and Notify your team sections, see the Notifications page.

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