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Log monitor

Log monitor overview


Log monitors alert when a specified type of log exceeds a user-defined threshold over a given period of time. Common use cases for this monitor include:

  • Code exception errors monitoring
  • Build job notifications.


  1. Define the search query:

    Define the search query
    The search query has the same behavior as the log explorer search

  2. (Optional) Define the alert grouping:

    Set alert conditions
    With or without alert grouping defined, you get one alert when the aggregated value meets the conditions set below. Even if you split the query by host, a single notification is sent if several hosts meet the conditions set below. This is done to reduce notification noise.

  3. Set alert conditions:

    Set alert conditions

  4. Configure your notification options:
    Refer to the Notifications dedicated documentation page for a detailed options.

Notifications and log samples

It is possible to add up to 10 samples of logs that triggered the monitor in the notification message. This is available for Slack and email notifications.

Samples are not available for multi-alerts.

Enable log samples in notification message

Activate log samples in message

Example for Slack notifications

Slack notification example

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