Monitoring all of your infrastructure in one place wouldn’t be complete without the ability to know when critical changes are occurring. Datadog gives you the ability to create monitors that actively check metrics, integration availability, network endpoints, and more.

Configure monitors, notify your teams, and manage alerts at a glance on the Alerting platform.

Note: View and search for Monitors on your mobile device with the Datadog Mobile App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Create monitors

To create a monitor in Datadog:

  1. Navigate to Monitors > New Monitor.
  2. Select a monitor type corresponding to the kind of telemetry you want to alert on. See Monitor Types for the full list.
  3. Configure Monitors: Alert over metrics, events, logs, integration availability, network endpoints, and more.
Create a monitor

To create a monitor programmatically, see the Datadog API or community maintained libraries.

Exporting and importing monitors

You can download a JSON file containing the definition of a monitor from the monitor’s status page. Click the settings cog (top right) and choose Export from the menu.

Import a JSON monitor definition into Datadog by selecting Monitors –> New Monitor –> Import in the main navigation.

Notify your teams

Notify when a monitor is alerting

Monitor Notifications: Set up notifications when creating monitors to keep your team informed of issues. Route the notifications to the correct people, leverage template variables to include details, and attach snapshots when sending the alerts by email or Slack. Create downtimes to mute alerts during application maintenance.

Manage monitors

Manage all monitors alerts

Manage Monitors: Edit, clone, delete, mute, and resolve monitors all in the same place. Focus on high priority alerts by using advanced faceted search. Explore monitor details and alerts over time in the Monitor Status page.

Control monitor tags with tag policies

Monitor tag policies enforce data validation on tags and tag values on your Datadog monitors. Add one of the following rules to prevent monitors with unexpected tags from being created.

  • Require tags with mandatory values
  • Require tags only
  • Optional tags with mandatory values

View and search for monitors on mobile devices

Mobile-Friendly Monitors on iOS and Android: View, mute, and unmute monitors on any iOS or Android device with the Datadog Mobile App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Write queries in the search bar to filter monitors in real-time. Use Monitor Saved Views to access a collection of monitors in a few taps on mobile.

Monitors on Mobile App

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