Mobile Application Testing and Monitoring

Mobile Application Testing is not supported for your selected Datadog site ().

Mobile Application Testing is in limited availability and is only supported for the Datadog US1 site.

Mobile Application Testing allows you to test and monitor key business flows for Android and iOS applications using real devices. Datadog runs these tests on real devices to provide a realistic, step-by-step representation of key application workflows, screenshots of each step, and detailed pass or fail results so your team can quickly visualize what went wrong.

Record mobile app tests

Record mobile app tests for Android and iOS using the no-code test recorder, which makes it easy to create robust and comprehensive tests.

Run tests on CI or manually run tests

Trigger mobile app tests from your CI pipeline using Continuous Testing, or schedule mobile app tests to run at regular intervals and manually trigger mobile app tests on the Datadog site.

Use the Synthetic Monitoring & Continuous Testing Explorer

Create search queries and visualizations for your Synthetic test runs or batches of tests running in CI/CD pipelines in the Synthetic Monitoring & Continuous Testing Explorer.

Mobile App Test Runs in the Synthetic Monitoring & Continuous Testing Explorer

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