Enterprise Configuration

The Datadog Mobile App is fully compatible with AppConfig and the Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers compatible with AppConfig.

Supported capabilities

The mobile app supports all default MDM capabilities for iOS and Android, as well as the following dedicated features:

KeyDescriptionTypeDefault Value
datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationUUIDDefine the organization UUID dd_oid passed as a parameter during login.Stringnull
datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationPublicIDDefine the organization public_id (available through the API endpoint for listing your managed organizations) passed as a parameter during login. If datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationUUID has been set, it takes precedence over the public_id.Stringnull
disableSharingDisable content sharing from the app.Booleanfalse
disableHomeScreenWidgetsDisable access to homescreen widgets (and instead display “disabled by your organization”).Booleanfalse

To learn more about default capabilities, see your Mobile Device Management provider’s documentation.

Use cases

Organization-specific login options

The mobile app lets you set organization information to display a dedicated mobile app login page if your organization has a dedicated subdomain, or dedicated options for your users to authenticate. For example, the mobile app lets you disable Google SSO and email/password authentication or add a dedicated SAML Login button.

You can set datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationPublicID or datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationUUID to identify the default organization passed as a parameter during login; if both are set, datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationUUID takes precedence.

datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationPublicID is available through the API.

datadogDefaultLoginOrganizationUUID is available by clicking Log in to Mobile App from Personal Settings > My Organizations.

Preventing data leaks from your users

If you are concerned about the risk of data leaks from users, you can disable copy/paste and screenshots through standard configurations (for iOS and Android). To further mitigate the risk of data leaks, the Datadog Mobile App offers the following features that you can enable at your discretion:

  • Disabling sharing from the app, which removes every share button from Datadog mobile app product pages.
    Note: Mobile app share buttons create a link to the relevant product page which require authentication to view. Consider whether this default control is sufficient; disabling sharing from the mobile app may inhibit your teams’ collaboration using the mobile app.
  • Disabling home-screen widgets, which displays “Disabled by your organization” on the home screen widget in place of actual data from your monitors, incidents, SLOs, or dashboards.

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