Metrics Explorer


The Metrics Explorer is a basic interface for examining your metrics in Datadog. For more advanced options, create a notebook or dashboard (screenboard, or timeboard).


Use the query editor to customize the graph displayed on the Metrics Explorer page.

You can specify the time frame in the top right corner of the page. The default is Past 1 Hour.

Metrics Explorer displaying two queries on a bar graph

Metrics that are not reported in the last 24 hours do not appear in the query editor. You can add these metrics to your graphs manually by entering the metric name or full query.


Define a filtering scope with the from text box by selecting or searching for tag values. For example, you can use the from text box to filter metric values from a specific host, cluster, environment, or region.

Space aggregation

Define the space aggregation used to combine a metric’s values.

The possible options are:

  • Average of reported values (default)
  • Max of reported values
  • Min of reported values
  • Sum of reported values

Note: The options may differ based on the metric type selected.

Functions and formulas

You can optionally add functions to your query using the function button. Not all functions are available for all metric types. For more information, see the querying documentation.


Export your graph to a dashboard or notebook with the buttons at the top right. You can also use Split Graph in Notebook to view the data split into individual graphs by things like region, service, or environment.

Further reading

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