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Can the Datadog Agent be used to send logs only?

It is not recommended to use the Agent for log collection only. Using metric collection ensures that your logs, metrics, and traces from the same host share the same hostname and therefore the same tags.

However, it is still possible to configure the Agent to only collect logs.

The Agent sends metrics and other payloads to Datadog. To make sure that the Agent only sends logs, it is possible to disable payloads sent by the Agent since the Agent version 6.4 with the following steps:

  1. Open the datadog.yaml file (locate this configuration file for your platform).
  2. Add the enable_payloads attribute as below:

      series: false
      events: false
      service_checks: false
      sketches: false
  3. Configure the Agent to collect logs as explained in the log documentation page.

  4. Restart the Agent

Set the following environment variables to false:


Then restart the Agent.

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