Saved Views
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Saved Views

Log Explorer Default View

The default log explorer view is loaded where you land on the Logs Search, Analytics, or Patterns pages from the main navigation menu, or enter the corresponding URLs into your browser.

The default view includes:

  • an empty query
  • a list of visible facets in the facet list
  • a basic page layout (e.g. table configuration for search, visualization options for analytics, etc.)

All edits on the facet list (see below) or in the page layout are automatically saved in this default view.

Saved Views

Saved Views allow you to save search customizations in the Log Explorer, including:

Load a Saved View

Select Saved Views directly in the left panel or in the search bar with autocompletion, which matches on either search name or query.

Star Saved Views to marked them as favorites. Starred Saved Views are available directly from the main navigation menu.

Share a Saved View

Copy-paste a Saved View short-link to share it with your teammates.

Manage Saved Views

To create a new Saved View, click the Save as button at the top of the screen. Give it a name, and click on Save.

Slice and dice starting from a Saved View. If needed, update this saved view to keep track of query or page layout configuration—use the “Save As” button.

Saved Views can be removed directly from the Saved View list in the Logs Explorer. Hover over the name of the Saved View to reveal its delete button. Click on it and confirm.

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