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Log Patterns (Beta)


Investigating large volumes of log data can be time consuming: you can spend hours on them and still understand only a fraction of them. However, application logs often look the same with some fraction of them varying. These are what we call patterns.

In the Log Explorer, patterns can be surfaced automatically to bring structure to the problem and help you quickly see what matters—exclude what’s irrelevant.

Navigate to Log Patterns

The patterns view is helpful for detecting and filtering noisy error patterns that might cause you to miss other issues. It shows the number of logs matching a pattern, split by service and status.

Switch to the patterns view to automatically see your log patterns for the selected context. A context is composed of a time range and a search query.

Note: The pattern detection is based on 10,000 log samples. Refine the search to see patterns limited to a specific subset of logs:

Log Patterns

Sections of the logs that vary within the pattern are highlighted to help you quickly identify differences across log lines.

Click on a pattern to see underlying log samples:

Log Patterns

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