List Logs
Incident Management is now generally available! Incident Management is now generally available!

List Logs


The Log List displays indexed logs and offers privileged tools to navigate in individual results.

Filter logs with a search query (see faceted search, or search query syntax for advanced use cases) and time navigation. Explore log results in the table, and focus on any log with the Log Side Panel.

configure display table

Logs Table

The Log Search is displayed in the logs table.

Manage the columns of the table using either:

  • The table itself, with interactions available in the first row. This is the preferred option to sort, rearrange, or remove columns.
  • The facet panel the the left, or the log side panel on the right. This is the preferred option to add a column for a field.

With the Options button, control the number of lines displayed in the table per log event.

configure display table

The configuration of the log table is stored alongside other elements of your troubleshooting context in Saved Views

Export View

  • Export to Monitor: Export the query applied to your Logstream to create a query for a new log monitor.
  • Export to CSV: Export your current Logstream view with its selected columns to a CSV file. You can export up to 5,000 logs at once.
  • Share View: Share a link to the current view with your teammates through email, Slack, and more. See all Datadog notification integrations available.