Log Explorer


The Log Explorer is your home base for log troubleshooting and exploration. Whether you start from scratch, from a Saved View, or land here from any other context like monitor notifications or dashboard widgets, you can search and filter, group, visualize, and export logs in the Log Explorer.

Explore your ingested logs

Search and filter

Search and Filter on logs to narrow down, broaden, or shift your focus on a subset of logs tailored to your current interest.


Group your queried logs into higher-level entities such as fields, patterns, and transactions in order to derive or consolidate information.

To start identifying patterns and aggregating logs by subsets of events, see Log Analytics.


Visualize the outcome of your filters and aggregations to better understand your logs and gather decisive information. For example, you can view your logs in a list to organize your log data into columns, or in a timeseries graph to measure your log data over time.

To start visualizing log data in the Log Explorer, see Log Visualizations.


You can also export your Log Explorer view to reuse it later or in different contexts.

To learn how to export your log queries and visualizations, see Export Logs.

Further Reading