Instrument Your Browser Tests With RUM

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CI Visibility is not available in the selected site () at this time.


Ensure that Test Visibility is already set up for Cypress.


The CI Visibility - RUM integration is only available for these versions of cypress, dd-trace-js, and browser-sdk:

  • cypress >= 6.7.0
  • dd-trace-js >= 1.7.0
  • browser-sdk >= 3.11.0

Only cypress is supported for this integration at the moment.

From Browser SDK v5.0.0, enable the `allowUntrustedEvents` initialization parameter during Cypress tests to correctly capture clicks.

Connect browser tests and RUM

If you use Cypress to run your browser tests and the application being tested is instrumented using Real User Monitoring, your test results and their generated RUM browser sessions and session replays are automatically linked.

A Browser Sessions tab appears in the Test Visibility test details side panel.

Browser Session Tab in Test Detail

The RUM session has all the data that RUM normally collects so you can debug potential issues in your browser tests, such as unexpected errors.

Browser Session Tab Errors in Test Detail

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