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Datadog App Builder is a low-code application building platform that streamlines the development of your internal tools with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and built-in support for JavaScript. App Builder makes use of integrations with popular services such as AWS and GitHub, allowing you to leverage data and seamlessly connect with external APIs and data stores. By integrating with Datadog’s existing capabilities, App Builder provides a centralized context, empowering you to take preventive actions or respond to ongoing incidents, all within the same view you use for troubleshooting.

An app in App Builder

Configure App Builder actions

Datadog App Builder provides an Action Catalog of over 300 actions across several integrations. The Action Catalog and the connection credentials for each integration are shared with Datadog Workflow Automation. If there isn’t an integration that accomplishes your task, generic actions such as the HTTP request and JavaScript function allow you to perform any task your app requires.

Datadog App Builder provides an Action Catalog of over 300 actions across several integrations.

Start with blueprints

Datadog provides you with preconfigured flows in the form of out-of-the-box blueprints to help you get started.

Below are a few examples of what App Builder apps can do:

  • Identify the most likely causes of a regression given a text description of an incident and the most recent 150 commits to a repo.
  • Monitor your PagerDuty service status to get complete context while working on incidents.
  • Allow users to manage their EC2 instances directly from a dashboard.
  • Allow users to explore and view the content of an S3 bucket.
  • Use a PagerDuty integration to see who is on-call for each team in an organization.
  • Summarize the progress of each PR in a given repo.
App blueprints

Take action directly from dashboards

Use your apps from the Apps page, or access them independently from dashboards. Datadog Apps function as native dashboard integrations, allowing you to customize and take action on your data straight from your Dashboard.

An app embedded in a dashboard

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