Deployment Tracking for AWS Lambda Serverless Applications

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Serverless Deployment Tracking

Deployment tracking helps you to understand when a new version of code or a configuration change causes a spike in errors, degraded performance, or when your cloud environment drifts from its expected state.

To access deployment tracking for your serverless applications, select a function in the Serverless view and click the Deployments tab. This pages shows key serverless metrics like invocations, execution duration, and error counts automatically displayed with event overlays that mark code deployments and configuration changes related to the function.

For visibility into historical code and configuration changes, adjust the global time selector at the top right of the view.


Datadog collects code and configuration change events for your AWS Lambda functions from AWS CloudTrail.

If you haven’t already, set up the Amazon Web Services integration first. Then, add the following permission to the policy document for your AWS/Datadog role:


If you have already added the permission, but you still don’t see events for any of your AWS Lambda functions, enable Deployment Tracking using the AWS Lambda Integration Tile.

Lambda Integration Settings

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