Install systemd-journal-remote Package

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Journald (via systemd-journal-remote ) supports the ability to send log events it gathers to a remote log host or to receive messages from remote hosts, thus enabling centralised log management.


Storing log data on a remote host protects log integrity from local attacks. If an attacker gains root access on the local system, they could tamper with or remove log data that is stored on the local system.


Shell script

The following script can be run on the host to remediate the issue.


# Remediation is applicable only in certain platforms
if [ ! -f /.dockerenv ] && [ ! -f /run/.containerenv ]; then

DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y "systemd-journal-remote"

    >&2 echo 'Remediation is not applicable, nothing was done'

Ansible playbook

The following playbook can be run with Ansible to remediate the issue.

- name: Ensure systemd-journal-remote is installed
    name: systemd-journal-remote
    state: present
  when: ansible_virtualization_type not in ["docker", "lxc", "openvz", "podman", "container"]
  - enable_strategy
  - low_complexity
  - low_disruption
  - medium_severity
  - no_reboot_needed
  - package_systemd-journal-remote_installed