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With Rollbar, you can go beyond traditional error monitoring tools with our AI-assisted grouping that helps development teams pinpoint errors in seconds. Proactively discover errors in real time, alert the right people, automatically rollback, and fix.

Automation grade grouping

Reduce noise in error monitoring that builds developer trust. Easier triaging by removing duplicates from error lists and faster response to errors through less manual effort and more automation.

AI-assisted workflows

Proactive workflows with faster response to issues. Lower mean time to awareness (MTTA) and mean time to resolutions (MTTR) to maintain high-quality customer experiences.

Get code context on each error to debug quickly at scale. See the stack trace with the offending line of code, retrieve git blame information, keep track of each deployment, and more—all in one place.

Seamless integrations

Datadog, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise Server, Atlassian, Google Cloud, Terraform, Heroku, Slack, CircleCI

Security in mind

Fully compliant with stringent industry standards and builds features that help you do the same.


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