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Send your Datadog events to Eventarc for delivery to Google services, enabling you to initiate Eventarc-driven workflows with Datadog monitor notifications.


  1. Ensure that the main GCP integration is installed for each GCP Project that receives notifications.

  2. Create an Eventarc channel in the Google Cloud Console.

  3. Within the Datadog application, set your channel name and activation token in a monitor’s notification section using the syntax as shown in the example below:

The say what's happening section of a Datadog monitor configuration page with the title HDD Disk Size Above Capacity and a line in the notification body which sends the an eventarc channel with the following example: The alert notification will be sent to @eventarc-datadog-sandbox_us-central1_my-channel that will trigger Cloud Function: Bump Quota.


Once the integration is activated, the channel goes from Pending to Active in the Google Cloud Console.

Automated actions

Set up new outbound notification channels for monitors to initiate automated actions with the GCP Eventarc integration. With automated actions, you can configure your GCP resources to:

  • Use Datadog monitors to kick off Eventarc workflows
  • Within Google, link Cloud Functions, BigQuery, etc. to Datadog monitors
  • Use the information within the alert event to execute auto-remediation pipelines and runbooks, run analytics queries, and more

The full list of resources you can target is available in the GCP documentation.

Data Collected


The Google Eventarc integration does not include any metrics.


The Google Eventarc integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Google Eventarc integration does not include any service checks.


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