How to Set Up Incident Data for DORA Metrics

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Failed deployments events, currently interpreted through incident events, are used to compute change failure rate and mean time to restore (MTTR).

Selecting an incident data source

DORA Metrics supports the following data sources for deployment events. See the respective documentation to set up a data source for your deployment events:

Calculating change failure rate

Change failure rate requires both deployment data and incident data.

Change failure rate is calculated as the percentage of incident events out of the total number of deployments. Datadog divides dora.incidents.count over dora.deployments.count for the same services and/or teams associated to both an failure and a deployment event.

Calculating time to restore

Time to restore is calculated as the duration distribution for resolved incident events.

DORA Metrics generates the dora.time_to_restore metric by recording the start and end times of each incident event. It calculates the mean time to restore (MTTR) as the average of these dora.time_to_restore data points over a selected time frame.

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