Getting Started

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Querying in Datadog

In the chat panel

To open the chat panel in the app, click Bits AI at the bottom-left corner of the navigation menu, or use Cmd + / to show or hide the chat panel.

Some responses from Bits AI include a suggestions button. Clicking it displays additional queries that apply to the conversation’s context.

Bits AI chat panel with example question of 'How do I star a service' and Bits AI's answer

Some Datadog search bars support natural language querying.

Search bar with natural language querying enabled

Where available, the feature can be accessed by typing a space into the search bar, then choosing from the suggested queries or typing a new query.

Search bar displaying suggested natural language queries

On the mobile app

View of the Mobile App Home dashboard with Bits AI

Click Bits AI on the mobile app to access the same querying features available on the browser.

Querying in Slack

  1. Connect your Datadog account to your Slack workspace.
  2. In Slack, use the /dd connect command to display a list of accounts to connect to.
  3. Choose the name of your Datadog account in the dropdown.
  4. Authorize additional permissions needed by Bits AI.

After setup is completed, you can send queries to @Datadog in natural language: @Datadog Are there any issues with example-service's dependencies?

Output of an example service-dependency query in Slack

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