Go OpenTracing
Datadog の調査レポート: サーバーレスの状態 レポート: サーバーレスの状態

Go OpenTracing


Import the opentracer package to expose the Datadog tracer as an OpenTracing compatible tracer.

A basic usage example:

package main

import (


func main() {
    // Start the regular tracer and return it as an opentracing.Tracer interface. You
    // may use the same set of options as you normally would with the Datadog tracer.
    t := opentracer.New(tracer.WithServiceName("<SERVICE_NAME>"))

    // Stop it using the regular Stop call for the tracer package.
    defer tracer.Stop()

    // Set the global OpenTracing tracer.

    // Use the OpenTracing API as usual.

Note: Using the OpenTracing API in parallel with the regular API or Datadog integrations is fully supported. Under the hood, all of them make use of the same tracer. See the API documentation for more examples and details.

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