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RDS instance is not publicly accessible



Secure your RDS instance, so it is not publicly accessible.


Unrestricted access to your RDS instance allows everyone on the internet to establish a connection with your database. This can lead to brute-force, DoS/DDoS, or SQL injection attacks.


From the command line

  1. Run the modify-db-instance command to make the instance not publicly accessible.

    aws rds modify-db-instance
        --region INSERT_DB_INSTANCE_REGION \
        --db-instance-identifier INSERT_DB_INSTANCE_NAME \
        --no-publicly-accessible \
  2. Run the revoke-security-group-ingress command to block any IPv4 address connecting to port 3306.

    aws ec2 revoke-security-group-ingress
        --region INSERT_DB_INSTANCE_REGION \
        --group-id INSERT_SECURITY_GROUP_ID \
        --protocol tcp \
        --port 3306 \
  3. For IPv6 you can use the same command from step 2 but use the --ip-permissions option instead. Reference this aws-cli documentation for more information.

  4. After removing the or ::/0 cidr ranges from ingress you need to add in better cidr ranges using the authorize-security-group-ingress command.

    aws ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress
        --group-id INSERT_SECURITY_GROUP_ID
        --protocol tcp
        --port 3306