Credential Stuffing attack



Detect Account Takeover (ATO) attempts on services. ATO attempts include brute force, dictionary, and distributed credential stuffing attacks.

This detection rule is designed to detect credential stuffing campaigns, where an IP attempts to log in to different accounts using stolen password lists, often trying a single password per account.

Required business logic events

Datadog auto-instruments many event types. Review your instrumented business logic events. This detection requires the following instrumented events:

  • users.login.failure
  • users.login.success


Monitor login events and track failed logins. Generate a Low severity signal when an IP address exceeds the threshold of 30 failed logins (or 15 if the IP has a poor reputation), and in which more than 5 different user accounts were attacked. A fallback is also present in case the instrumentation doesn’t provide a when the user doesn’t exist.
The signal severity is increased to Critical when the IP address has a successful login, and the compromised account is highlighted.

Triage and response

  1. Consider blocking the attacking IP addresses temporarily to slow attacks.
  2. Check compromised accounts, suspend account access temporarily, and force password change.
  3. Implement and enable MFA (multi-factor authentication) when possible.