RUM Errors
Datadog の調査レポート: サーバーレスの状態 レポート: サーバーレスの状態

RUM Errors


All errors that appear in the user console are collected.

Facet Collected

error.kindstringThe error type or kind (or code in some cases).
error.messagestringA concise, human-readable, one-line message explaining the event.
error.stackstringThe stack trace or complementary information about the error.
error.originstringWhere the error originates from (i.e. console, network, etc.)

Network Error

For network errors, the following facets are also collected:

http.status_codenumberThe response status code.
http.urlstringThe resource URL.
http.url_details.hoststringThe HTTP host part of the URL.
http.url_details.pathstringThe HTTP path part of the URL.
http.url_details.queryStringobjectThe HTTP query string parts of the URL decomposed as query params key/value attributes.
http.url_details.schemestringThe protocol name of the URL (HTTP or HTTPS)

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