Search and Manage Quality Gate Rules


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The Quality Gate Rules page is useful for developers who want to keep an eye on the quality gates for their build pipelines. You can see all of the rules defined by the organization.

Quality Gate rules in Datadog displaying the rule name, evaluation, scope, blocking status, last modified date, and the creator avatar

Use this page to create a rule, edit an existing rule, or click on a rule to investigate its past executions.

Search for rules

To see your quality gate rules, navigate to Software Delivery > Quality Gates > Quality Gate Rules.

You can filter the page by rule name to see the rules you’re most concerned with. Click on a rule to investigate details that show, for example, what commit might have introduced a performance regression or build error.

Explore rule executions

Click into a specific rule execution to see the results for past rule execution, including the status and specific conditions.

Quality Gate rule displaying the rule execution status over time and rule executions

To pivot to related Static Analysis or Software Composition Analysis results in Datadog Code Analysis, click See related events. You can edit the Quality Gate rule according to your execution results by clicking Manage Rule.

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