NetFlow Monitoring

NetFlow Monitoring for Datadog Network Device Monitoring is in public beta.


Use NetFlow Monitoring in Datadog to visualize and monitor your flow records from your Netflow-enabled devices.


To use NetFlow Monitoring with Network Device Monitoring, ensure you are using the Agent version 7.39 or newer.

Note: Configuring metric collection from Network Device Monitoring is not a requirement for sending NetFlow data, although it is strongly recommended.


To configure your devices to send NetFlow, sFlow, or IPFIX traffic to the Agent NetFlow server, your devices must be configured to send traffic to the IP address that the Datadog Agent is installed on, specifically the flow_type and port.

Edit your datadog.yaml Agent configuration file to enable NetFlow:

    enabled: true
      - flow_type: netflow9   # choices: netflow5, netflow9, ipfix, sflow5
        port: 2055            # devices must send traffic to this port
      - flow_type: netflow5
        port: 2056
      - flow_type: ipfix
        port: 4739
      - flow_type: sflow5
        port: 6343

After saving your changes, restart the Agent.

Further Reading