API と DogStatsD のクライアントライブラリー

下記テーブルは、Datadog公式とコミュニティメンバーが開発した API と DogStatsD のクライアントライブラリーのリストです。いくつかのライブラリーは API と DogStatsD の両方をサポートしていますが、多くはいずれかをフォーカスしています。

Language Library Official API DogStatsD Notes
C# dogstatsd-csharp-client
DatadogSharp Also supports APM.
Crystal statsd.cr Written by Mike Fiedler
Delphi datadog-delphi
Elixir ExStatsD Written by CargoSense
dogstatsd-elixir Written by Adam Kittelson
Go datadog-go
godspeed Written by PagerDuty
xstats Written by Olivier Poitrey
go-datadog-api Written by Mark Smith from Dropbox
Java java-dogstatsd-client Written by Indeed, Datadog
Lassie Only for creating screenboards.
java-dogstatsd-client A fork of Indeed's java-dogstatsd-client; supports events and blocking metrics.
metrics-datadog Written by CourseraA reporting bridge between Dropwizard metrics and Datadog.
dogstatd-client Written by chonton
Node.js hot-shots Written by Brightcove
node-dogstatsd Written by Young Han Lee
node-dogapi Written by Brett Langdon
datadog-metrics Written by Daniel Bader
Perl webservice-datadog Written by Jennifer Pinkham
dogstatsd-perl Written by Stefan Goethals
PHP php-datadogstatsd Written by Alex Corley
dog-statsd A fork of thephpleague/statsd with additional Datadog features by Graze.
Python datadogpy Also includes an API client CLI tool, 'dog'.
R datadogr A simple R package to query for metrics.
rdog An R package to analyze Datadog metrics into R.
Racket racket-dogstatsd Written by DarrenNA DogStatsD client for Racket.
Ruby DogApi
Scala datadog-scala Written by Cory Watson

トレース (APM) クライアントライブラリー

下記テーブルは、Datadog公式とコミュニティメンバーが開発した トレース (APM) クライアントライブラリーのリストです。

Language Library Official Notes
C# DatadogSharp Also supports DogStatsD
Elixir spandex
Go dd-trace-go Go package 'tracer'
dd-go-opentracing OpenTracing Tracer implementation for Datadog in Go
Java dd-trace-java Written by DatadogJava package 'tracer'
Javascript datadog-tracer-js OpenTracing API implementation in Javascript (both Node and browser)
PHP dd-trace-php
Python dd-trace-py pip package is called 'ddtrace'
Ruby dd-trace-rb gem is called 'ddtrace'

コミュニティメンバーによる Datadog Integrations


公式の Ansible インテグレーションに加えて、Ansible公式のモニタリングセクションで紹介されている、 ansible-modules-extrasレポジトリがあります。Datadogにイベントをpostするものと、DatadogのMonitor設定をするものがあります。


Publish consul service counts into Datadog via DogStatsD with this library.


Scale up auto-scale groups based on the results of a datadog query with Dogscaler.


This is for a FreeSwitch ESL application to export statistics to Datadog using the DogStatsD API and is written by WiMacTel.

Google Analytics

You can get data into Datadog from Google Analytics using our API with [this library][50].

Logstash Output


  • Emit custom metrics directly from NGINX configurations using the nginx_lua_datadog module in your LUA scripts.
  • lua-resty-dogstatsd is an extension developed by mediba inc, which enables emiting metrics, events, and service checks to DogStatsD protocol. lua-resty-dogstatsd is released as GPLv3 and relies on the nginx cosocket API.

Phusion Passenger

Send health metrics from Phusion’s Passenger server using the passenger-datadog-monitor written by Stevenson Jean-Pierre


This library will allow you to generate process information from StatsD, given pid files. It was created by GitterHQ.


Community Agent Ports



Datadogのライブラリーを開発した場合は、是非 code@datadoghq.com にご連絡下さい。上記リストへ追加していきたいと思います。