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Seagence is a production-grade Realtime Defect Detection and Resolution tool for Java applications. Using a unique approach, Seagence detects known and unknown defects in real time caused by multithreading issues, swallowed, handled, and unhandled exceptions, and others, including defects disguised in a 200 success HTTP response code. When a defect is detected, our out-of-the-box integration will send an event to Datadog to alert your team. The out-of-the-box dashboard provides visibility into the detected defects and root causes to eliminate debugging and troubleshooting. More details about the defect can be found on SeagenceWeb.

Seagence is designed from the ground up for production environments and modern architectures such as Kubernetes deployments, microservices, monoliths, containers, and serverless applications.

Realtime Defect Detection: Using a unique approach, Seagence detects defects in real time due to multithreading issues, and any thrown exception including handled, unhandled, and swallowed exceptions. The only prerequisite for Seagence is, the defect needs to occur approximately 5 times (This is Seagence’s Think Time). When that prerequisite is met, Seagence will start detecting every occurrence of the defect from the 6th occurrence onward in real time. Seagence detects defects even before end users start reporting them and even if log files have no trace.

Eliminate debugging and troubleshooting: There is no need for debugging and troubleshooting. With the Seagence-provided defect and root cause in hand, you’ll fix your broken code and reduce MTTR from 3 days to half a day.

No code changes are required: Seagence uses a tiny Java agent, so no code changes are required. Seagence records all errors and thrown exceptions, including handled, unhandled, and swallowed exceptions. You have all the context you need for every transaction.

Clustering: Using clustering you stop analyzing noise. Clustering groups similar transactions. Analyze 1 transaction of the cluster and immediately come to know how 1 million transactions of that cluster are processed.


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