Configuring APM Deployment Tracking for DORA Metrics


DORA Metrics is not available in the selected site () at this time.

DORA Metrics is in public beta.


APM Deployment Tracking can be configured as a data source for deployments in DORA Metrics.


To ensure your service deployments tracked by APM contribute to DORA Metrics, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your service has metadata defined in the Service Catalog.
  • Your service has unified service tagging enabled. Deployments are identified using the version tag.

Change lead time

For service deployments tracked by APM to contribute to change lead time, ensure the following:

For deployments identified through Deployment Tracking, change lead time is computed from the time of first commit creation to when that commit is first seen in a new version. The dora.deploy_time metric is not available.

For more information about change lead time metrics, see Data Collected.

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