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Software Composition Analysis (SCA) scans open source libraries imported into repositories through package managers such as npm for known vulnerabilities. SCA enables engineering teams to identify vulnerable libraries early on in the development life cycle so they can update them to non-vulnerable versions or remove them entirely to ensure their production codebase is secure.

SCA can run in CI pipelines by using Code Analysis and provide runtime monitoring capabilities by using Datadog Application Security.


SCA currently supports scanning the following languages and technologies for vulnerable libraries:

  • .NET
  • Go
  • JVM
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

SCA performs scans by looking at the libraries contained in your lockfiles. Below are the supported lockfiles:

Package ManagerLockfile
C# (.NET)packages.lock.json
Go (mod)go.mod
JVM (Gradle)gradle.lockfile
JVM (Maven)pom.xml
Node.js (npm)package-lock.json
Node.js (pnpm)pnpm-lock.yaml
Node.js (yarn)yarn.lock
PHP (composer)composer.lock
Python (pip)requirements.txt, Pipfile.lock
Python (poetry)poetry.lock
Ruby (bundler)Gemfile.lock


CI providers

With Software Composition Analysis, you can identify vulnerable open source libraries that have been imported into your codebase. See the documentation for information about the following integrations:

Search and filter results

Datadog Software Composition Analysis can find vulnerable libraries across the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Code Analysis summarizes results found by directly scanning your repositories. To view all vulnerabilities found in repositories and at runtime consolidated together, see Application Security for more details.

After you configure your CI pipelines to run Datadog SCA, violations are summarized per repository on the Code Analysis Repositories page. Click on a repository to analyze Library Vulnerabilities and Library List results from Software Composition Analysis.

  • The Library Vulnerabilities tab contains the vulnerable library versions found by Datadog SCA.
  • The Library List tab contains all of the libraries (vulnerable or not) found by Datadog SCA.

To filter your results, use the facets to the left of the list, or search.

Every row represents a unique library and version combination. Each combination is associated with the specific commit and branch that is selected in the filters at the top of the page (by default, the latest commit on the default branch of the repository you selected).

Click on a library with a vulnerability to open a side panel that contains information about the scope of the violation and where it originated.

Side panel for a SCA violation

The content of the violation is shown in tabs:

  • Full Description: A description of the vulnerability contained within this specific version of the library.
  • Event: JSON metadata regarding the SCA violation event.

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