Process collection with Agent v5
Dash が新機能を発表!インシデントマネジメント、Continuous Profiler など多数の機能が追加されました! Dash イベントで発表された新機能!

Process collection with Agent v5


Standard Agent Configuration

Live Processes is available in Datadog Agent version 5.16.0. Refer to the instructions for standard Agent installation for platform-specific details.

Once the Datadog Agent is installed, enable Live Processes collection by editing the configuration file at:


and adding the following line to the [Main] section:

    process_agent_enabled: true

After configuration is complete, restart the Agent. Note: To collect container information in the standard install, the dd-agent user needs to have permissions to access docker.sock.

Docker container

Update to Datadog Agent image version 5.16.0 or above:

$ docker pull datadog/docker-dd-agent

Follow the instructions for docker-dd-agent, passing in the following attributes, in addition to any other custom settings as appropriate:

-v /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro

Kubernetes DaemonSet

In the dd-agent.yaml manifest used to create the DaemonSet, add the following environment variables, volume mount, and volume:

      value: "true"
    - name: passwd
      mountPath: /etc/passwd
      readOnly: true
    - hostPath:
        path: /etc/passwd
      name: passwd

Refer to the standard DaemonSet installation and the docker-dd-agent information pages for further documentation.