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Intelligent Test Runner for Swift is in beta.


Intelligent Test Runner is only supported on dd-sdk-swift>= 2.2.0.


Test Visibility

Prior to setting up Intelligent Test Runner, set up Test Visibility for Swift. The code coverage option must also be enabled in the test settings of your scheme or test plan, or --enable-code-coverage must be added to your Swift test command (if using a SPM target).

If you are reporting data through the Agent, use v6.40 and later or v7.40 and later.

Enable Intelligent Test Runner

To enable Intelligent Test Runner, set the following environment variables:

Enables or disables the instrumentation of tests. Set this value to $(DD_TEST_RUNNER) so you can enable and disable test instrumentation with a environment variable defined outside of the test process (for example, in the CI build).
Default: false
Recommended: $(DD_TEST_RUNNER)

Activate Intelligent Test Runner for the test service

You, or a user in your organization with the Intelligent Test Runner Activation (intelligent_test_runner_activation_write) permission, must activate the Intelligent Test Runner on the Test Service Settings page.

Intelligent test runner enabled in test service settings in the CI section of Datadog.

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