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ZigiOps is the most flexible, no-code integration platform. The ZigiOps product helps your businesses identify, report, and resolve issues in your IT environments faster than ever. Integrate ZigiOps into your software ecosystem to connect to popular enterprise software tools for ITSM, ITOM, and DevOps: Jira, ServiceNow, VMware vROps, Micro Focus Ops Bridge, BMC, Cherwell, Splunk, and more.

Datadog – Micro Focus OBM Integration with ZigiOps

With the ZigiWave Datadog - OpsBridge integration, you can extract incidents from OpsBridge and populate them in Datadog. ZigiOps syncs all fields such as the incident summary, detection method, severity, status, and more. This integration is bi-directional so whenever there is an update in either Datadog or OpsBridge, ZigiOps will automatically send that update to the relevant system.

Datadog Autodiscovery finds hosts that are not in the OpsBridge database but need to be monitored. ZigiOps takes the host information and reports it to OpsBridge RTSM, enriching the topology information with data from Datadog. The topology is kept up-to-date with regular checks by ZigiOps.

ZigiOps collects Datadog events and reports them to OpsBridge as events. The platform syncs all related host details such as metrics, topology, and more.

ZigiOps collects Datadog metrics and reports them, along with related host information, to the MF Operations Connector. These metrics can then be accessed by the OpsBridge Performance Perspective and used for building dashboards.

This integration will give your IT Operations team a bird’s eye view of your OpsBridge infrastructure and help detect issues before they become real problems.

Topology, Metrics, Events, Incidents

ZigiOps offers fully customizable integration templates for four use cases of the Datadog – Micro Focus OBM integration. The templates help users to quickly start to begin seeing data flow. Users can modify data mappings and filters provided by the templates to fit their use case. We currently have these templates available: OpsBridge events - Datadog incidents, Datadog events - OpsBridge events, Datadog metrics - OBM metrics, and Datadog hosts - OBM topology. If your use case doesn’t fit any of those templates, you can also create your own integration from scratch. Integration consultants will guide you along the way.


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