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Vercel is a deployment and collaboration platform that enables frontend developers to build high-performance websites and applications. Vercel is also the creator of Next.js, a React framework developed in collaboration with engineers at Google and Facebook in 2016. Vercel users can leverage a built-in deployment tool that manages the build and rendering process, as well as a proprietary Edge Network that caches their sites for fast retrieval. Additionally, Vercel offers Serverless Functions, which allow users to deploy serverless code to accomplish essential backend processes like user authentication, form submission, and database queries.

Integrate Vercel with Datadog to:

  • View and parse your application logs using Datadog’s Log Management
  • See the number of requests and 4xx/5xx HTTP errors to your serverless applications and APIs running on Vercel
  • Monitor frontend performance with Datadog Synthetics


Data Collected


The Vercel integration does not include any metrics.

Service Checks

The Vercel integration does not include any service checks.


The Vercel integration does not include any events.


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