TypingDNA ActiveLock

Supported OS Windows Mac OS


TypingDNA ActiveLock is a Continuous Endpoint Authentication app that helps prevent unauthorized access to your company computers by detecting typing patterns and locking computers to protect sensitive data.

This integration allows you to send logs from your ActiveLock apps to Datadog, and provides an out-of-the-box dashboard to monitor your organizations computers.

To visualize your data in Datadog, a custom ActiveLock app needs to be configured and installed. This is the same install for all of your company computers.



To generate a Datadog API key:

  1. Navigate to Organization settings > API keys in your Datadog account.
  2. Click + New Key to generate an API key.

To get your custom install app:

  1. Complete this custom install form by submitting your newly generated API key, Datadog site, and your company details.
  2. You will receive an email including a custom ActiveLock app to install on your company computers, and installation instructions. a. This install has an initial limit of 10 seats, and comes with a default 30-day trial period. To remove trial limitations you need a full commercial license. If you don’t have a commercial license already, contact TypingDNA for licensing or the reseller/partner through which you found us.
  3. After installation, your ActiveLock logs should start to appear in Log Explorer.

Note that if you came through a reseller/partner you should follow their instructions to get your custom install app (and commercial license).


To view your ActiveLock logs in Datadog, navigate to the Log Explorer and enter source:typingdna and/or service:activelock in the search query.

To access the dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard List and search for the TypingDNA ActiveLock dashboard.

Data Collected

Log collection

TypingDNA ActiveLock logs are collected and sent to Datadog directly from each application.


Need help? Contact Datadog or TypingDNA support.