Datadog’s Twilio integration collects a wide variety of logs to analyze performance issues and detect threats across all your Twilio resources. Use the out-of-the-box dashboard to aggregate alerts, troubleshoot messages and call errors, and collect comprehensive event-logging and change-tracking info for your Twilio account.

By default, this integration collects Alert Resource logs. These logs provide details for errors or warnings encountered when Twilio makes a webhook request to your server, or when your application makes a request to the REST API.

You can use Cloud Cost Management to gain insight into your Twilio cost data. See the SaaS cost integrations page for more information.

Message Logs

A Message resource log represents an inbound or outbound message. A log will be generated when any of the following occur:

  • You create a Message resource (i.e., send an outbound message) via the REST API
  • Twilio executes a TwiML instruction
  • Someone sends a message to one of your Twilio numbers or messaging channel addresses

Use these logs to track total delivery and troubleshoot message errors. Message bodies are never collected by Datadog.

Call Summary Logs

Call Summary Resource logs provide an overview of metadata and performance of all calls made from your Twilio account. To get actionable insights into your calls, enable Twilio’s Voice Insights Advanced Features for your account.

Event Logs:

Monitor Twilio Event Resources for comprehensive event logging and change tracking for Twilio resources. Events are logged when you provision a phone number, change your account’s security settings, delete a recording, and so on. Events record virtually every action taken within Twilio, regardless of whether that action was taken through the API, by a user in the Twilio Console, or even by a Twilio employee.

Datadog Cloud SIEM analyzes and correlates Twilio Event logs to detect threats to your environment in real time.



  1. Generate an API Key and API Secret through the Twilio UI.
  2. Find your Account SID on the Twilio Console dashboard, under Account Info.
  3. Input your API Key, API Secret, and Account SID into the Twilio integration tile.
  4. If you use Cloud Cost Management and enable collecting cost data, it will be visible in Cloud Cost Management within 24 hours. (collected data)


Search your Datadog logs with source:twilio. If you installed the integration correctly, you should see Twilio events.

Data Collected


The Twilio integration does not include any metrics.

Service Checks

The Twilio integration does not include any service checks.


The Twilio integration ingests event resources.


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