Superwise Model Observability

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Superwise helps businesses monitor Machine Learning (ML) model health in production to quickly detect issues with model performance and integrity across the inference stream. Superwise auto-calibrates model metrics, analyzes events, and correlates anomalies so ML engineering teams and practitioners can easily see where, when, and why models are misbehaving and accelerate time to resolution before issues impact business outcomes.

The Superwise model observability platform lets you monitor your production ML at any scale. When you purchase a subscription to Superwise through the Datadog Marketplace, you’ll receive a 14 day free trial for an unlimited amount of models. After the trial expires, your first 3 models are free forever, and you can scale your monitoring up or down with Superwise’s usage-based pricing at any time. For more information, contact

On this tile, you can purchase a subscription to Superwise. If you already have a Superwise account, click on the Superwise Integration tile to set up the Superwise Datadog integration.

With the Superwise integration, Datadog users are able to monitor their ML models holistically within their existing Datadog workflow and enrich their observability to include Superwise metrics and incidents for more investigations of model issues. Superwise users can configure any custom metric that is important to the business to monitor within Superwise and send the information to Datadog to extend their observability for any use case.


For support or feature requests, reach out to Superwise through the following channel:

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This application is made available through the Marketplace and is supported by a Datadog Technology Partner. Click Here to purchase this application.