Statsig - RUM

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


Statsig’s feature flag tracking integration enriches your Datadog RUM data with feature gate information, allowing you to measure causality between your product features and your system and performance metrics.


Feature flag tracking setup

Feature flag tracking is available in the RUM Browser SDK. For detailed set up instructions, visit [Getting started with feature flag data in RUM][1].

  1. Update your Browser RUM SDK version to 4.25.0 or above.
  2. Initialize the RUM SDK and configure the enableExperimentalFeatures initialization parameter with ["feature_flags"].
  3. Initialize Statsig’s SDK (>= v4.34.0) and implement the gateEvaluationCallback option as shown below:
await statsig.initialize('client-<STATSIG CLIENT KEY>',
  {userID: '<USER ID>'},
    gateEvaluationCallback: (key, value) => {
      datadogRum.addFeatureFlagEvaluation(key, value);


Join the [Statsig Slack community][2] for support on enabling this integration. [1]: [2]: