Datadog-Slack Integration


Connect Slack to Datadog in order to help your team collaborate by:

  • Sharing graphs with your colleagues in your team’s channels.
  • Receiving alerts and notifications from Datadog within Slack.



The Slack integration is installed via its integration tile in the Datadog application.


  1. In your Slack account go to the Applications page and search for Datadog.
  2. Click Install, followed by Add Integration.
  3. Copy the Slack Service Hook and paste in the service hook field for Slack in Datadog.
  4. Add the channels you want to be able to post to.
  5. If you would like to be notified for every comment on a graph, tick the check box “Transfer all user comments” by each channel. If left unchecked (default) you will need to use the @slack-channel_name syntax for comments to be posted to slack.

If you wish to integrate with multiple Slack accounts, repeat the above steps and populate the Secondary Slack Account fields.

Data Collected


The Slack integration does not provide any metrics at this time.