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Hardware Sentry is an agent specialized in the monitoring of the hardware components of any server, network switch, or storage system in your data center, packaged with a collection of dashboards and monitors for Datadog.

Hardware monitoring

Hardware Sentry is a monitoring agent capable of reporting the physical health of servers, network switches, and storage systems. It collects metrics periodically to report the status of each processor, controller, disk, or power supply, the temperatures, the speed of the fans, the link status and speed of the network cards, and more.

  • Remote: One agent to monitor hundreds of systems, through SNMP, WBEM, WMI, SSH, IPMI, REST APIs, and more.
  • Multi-platform: 100+ platforms already supported with 250+ connectors (Cisco, Dell EMC, HP, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp, Oracle, Pure, and more. For the full list of supported platforms, see the Hardware Sentry documentation.
  • Simple: Monitoring a system requires minimal configuration effort to specify the hostname or IP address and credentials. Hardware Sentry will automatically detect the available instrumentation and start the monitoring right away.
  • Normalized: All the necessary information is reported through standardized metrics in Datadog. The same hw.temperature metric, for example, is used to represent the temperature in a NetApp filer, an HP BladeSystem, a Dell PowerEdge running Windows, a Cisco UCS running Linux, or any other platform. These metrics follow OpenTelemetry’s semantic conventions.

Hardware Sentry comes with predefined monitors to detect and even predict failures in processors, memory modules, disks, network cards, controllers, power supplies, fans, temperature sensors, and more.

Energy usage and carbon footprint reports

In addition to physical health monitoring, Hardware Sentry also reports the energy usage of each monitored system. Combined with metrics representing the electricity cost and the carbon density, the provided dashboards report the electricity usage of your infrastructure in kWh and its carbon footprint in tons of CO₂.

100% Software: No smart PDUs required, even for systems that are not equipped with an internal power sensor!


This integration comes with a set of dashboards that leverage the metrics collected by Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector:

Hardware Sentry - MainOverview of all monitored hosts, with a focus on sustainability
Hardware Sentry - SiteMetrics associated to one site (a data center or a server room) and its monitored hosts
Hardware Sentry - HostMetrics associated to one host and its internal devices


A subscription to Hardware Sentry through the Datadog Marketplace grants access to all services provided by Sentry Desk:

Upon subscription, your organization will receive an invitation to manage your Sentry Desk account.

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