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With the Datadog Cypress integration, monitor the performance of your CI/CD pipelines and Cypress tests running in your pipelines by:

  • Investigating flaky or failing tests and honing in on failing steps
  • Looking at test results with distributed tracing details to comprehend why your Cypress tests are slow
  • Troubleshooting performance gaps in your end-to-end Cypress tests with data collected from RUM & Session Replay
  • Monitoring, capturing, and visually replaying real user sessions


For more information about integrating Cypress tests with RUM & Session Replay, see the CI Visibility-RUM integration documentation.

Collect RUM events

To start collecting Real User Monitoring events from your application, see Cypress Monitoring.

Collect traces

Your application automatically sends traces to Datadog.

Data Collected


The CI Visibility-RUM integration does not include any metrics. To generate custom metrics from your RUM application, see Generate Metrics.

Service Checks

The Cypress integration does not include any service checks.


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