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With the Datadog Cypress integration , monitor the performance of your CI/CD pipelines and Cypress tests running in your pipelines by:

  • Investigating flaky or failing tests and honing in on failing steps
  • Looking at test results with distributed tracing details to comprehend why your Cypress tests are slow
  • Troubleshooting performance gaps in your end-to-end Cypress tests with data collected from RUM & Session Replay
  • Monitoring, capturing, and visually replaying real user sessions


For more information about integrating Cypress tests with RUM & Session Replay, see the CI Visibility-RUM integration documentation .

Collect RUM events

To start collecting Real User Monitoring events from your application, see Cypress Monitoring .

Collect traces

Your application automatically sends traces to Datadog.

Data Collected


The CI Visibility-RUM integration does not include any metrics. To generate custom metrics from your RUM application, see Generate Metrics .

Service Checks

The Cypress integration does not include any service checks.


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